Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What would you do?

Just to tell you all up front I have a bottle fetish.I don't know what it is but I LOVE bottles, jars and containers in general.They don't even have to be cute,I still love them.But I horde them then I don't really use them.I have found a fantastic deal on some little corked bottles and a I have a few larger ones.I am DYING to do something with them.

But I'm not really sure what to use them for.I have a few ideas but I wanted some ideas from all of you :)

As of right now I have 23 of the little corked bottles and I have 7 or 8 of the other ones.I have it set up to go later this week and buy up a whole bunch more :)
Ok so I'm up for any and all suggestions! What would you use them for?


Jupiter Greenmoone said...

Ahh I love bottles too! I'm currently using mason jars for sealing my herbs. I have lots of little brown bottles that I plan on using for spells and oils. I am particularly obsessed with mason jars though, I freaking love them!

Skye said...

Giveaways. =D

Okay, kidding there.

They would probably be pretty good charm bottles. You can put herbs, small stones or oils (but make sure the cork is tight if there's any liquids in them) and carry them in your purse or pocket.

The larger ones could be larger alternatives for a room, your house or yard.

You could probably sell some premade herb-filled ones as charms online... but that's a bit controversial depending on one's morals. Or even just sell herbs in them for people to use in spells for themselves.

Okay, done brainstorming.

Hope you figure out something for them.

Jennifer MacNeill-Traylor said...

With the first frost not far off and a ton of herbs in my garden, I would definately use them to store dried herbs:)

Aminah K. said...

Know what's funny I have the same problem! You should start making your own perfume, that's what I'm working on at the moment.

Bella Foxglove said...

Awww those are darling!

If I had them, I would make little Witch Bottles out of them!

Funny, I was just reading an article about that today lol...

Crazy Squirrel Lady said...

OMG Mason jars make my heart beat fast!! lol

I just want you all to know that I am going to take everyones suggestions! I have been thinking of making some scented oils, I have some herbs I need to put in smaller bottles cause Im running low on them and I LOVE the idea of little charm/spell bottles.I just am not sure how to go about doing that.
Im going to look into witch bottles too, but since Im a newbie Im clueless :(

Hey you know what Skye....I think a giveaway is a fantastic idea ;)
Stay tuned!

Bridgett said...

Okay...all my ideas have been mentioned. I particularly like the giveaway idea! LMAO

Those little bottles are so cute!

Good luck.


Jupiter Greenmoone said...

Hey lady! Please don't hesitate to write down my creed. When I wrote my creed I wrote down bits and pieces of about seven different creeds/rules of conduct that I really liked. I formed them into my own thoughts and filled in the rest to make a rough draft. After, I moved the paragraphs around to make themes, such as I vow, I acknowledge, etc. So I definitely didn't just go at it with just my own brain, I'm not THAT creative :)

Anonymous said...

You have made my day!
I'm so glad that it's not just me!
There are loads of us out there!
My small house is totally crammed with jars and bottles...all with strange,(useful...well to me anyway!)items...and I still can't resist them!
I've been this way since childhood...maybe I was deprived of them in a past life and I'm making up for it now.
Do you collect anything else?

Crazy Squirrel Lady said...

I seem to collect everything cause Im a pack rat lol I dont really collect anything else, other than squirrel items :) I happen to like ugly dishware.So if there is a ugly cup,mug,plate or bowl I want it.
Also ANYTHING thats orange.I think my obsession with orange trumps everything else.

Hyla said...

OK, spill it! Where'd you get these?
And where are those fabulous pieces(cupboards??) behind them??

Crazy Squirrel Lady said...

Hyla we TOTALLY have to go on a walk on monday, hit the shop where I got these and then go get a cup of coffee at the shop downtown.They have their back patio set up and its so beautiful and relaxing back there.You need some non mommy time :) Let me know!

Oh the cupboards I have in the background...well I had the one on the left.It was a spice rack that I had in the closet but I cant seem to find the bottles for them.So I have my essential oil bottles in there.The one on the right I got at a church sale down the street.The doors were this ugly plastic with fruit painted on it.I covered the plastic with fabric and mod podged it.I cleaned out the spice bottles ( ewww they had hundred year old herbs in them still) and now they store some of my herbs now.
I LOVE both of them!

Hyla said...

Awesome, if you find them missing......

Crazy Squirrel Lady said...

LOL Im going to put them under lock and key :P