Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Poo life

Being 'poo' free is the shit( what a cheesy play on words huh? lol) But its true.I NEVER have to run to the store to get shampoo or conditioner cause I always have the stuff on hand.I can make the shampoo/conditioner to fit my hair style and personal needs.Its all natural and almost everything I use you can eat.I do not like to put things on my body that I would not put in it.So if I wont eat it chances are I wont use it.BUT the recipes I use for my 'shampoo' and 'conditioner' have essential oils in them.MOST that I use are safe for consumption ( however tea tree and neem oil should not be ingested).But other than that everything I use is right there in the kitchen.What I use to wash my hair I make up everytime I need it.The conditioner I make ahead of time and let sit.I have used the conditioner mix right after mixing and its ok but letting it marinate for a while makes it so you get all the goodness out of the herbs.I like to let mine sit in a cool dark place, for atleast 2 weeks, giving it a good shake everyday.
Hair is not as dirty as people think.Unless your rolling around in the mud ( ohh fun!) or something equally as messy, then you hair isn't all that 'dirty'.From what I have read, heard from others and dealt with personally I can tell you that if your hair is extra oily, then its your hairs way of rebelling against the product you are using on it.It feels the need to kick out oils to protect whats being done with it.Like someone who commented in my last post I used to have unbelievably oily hair at the root but it was dry as a bone on the ends.What I was using was stripping my hair of its all natural oils and so it was producing tons to replace it and I never gave it a chance to right itself.
I shouldn't even say that I wash my hair because that's not very accurate.What I wash is my scalp.My hair gets washed in the process but I don't 'wash' it.And I only 'wash' my hair about 2 times a week, the rest of the time I only use the 'conditioner'.On the off days I just rinse my hair as if there was shampoo in it.Its called water washing it.Its not healthy to cleanse your hair everyday.I was weary of this in the beginning and of my hair not getting clean enough, so if anyone is reading this and sitting there thinking ewwww, just know I was in your shoes before I switched also.I couldnt get my mind to switch from a bottle telling to 'wash, rinse and repeat'... to no bottle, no lather and more rinsing than washing.The lack of lather was what took me the longest to get used to.I used to think lather was what cleaned my hair.I'm glad I know better now.
At the end of this I'm going to post what herbs work best for what hair type and hair issue, so you all can personalize your mixes.Here is what I use and how I use it.Just a heads up I have hair to the middle of my back, you might need more or less mix for yourself.

For my 'shampoo' I mix:
  • About 4 cups of very warm water ( Not too hot that you burn your scalp)
  • About 2 TBSP of baking soda
  • About 1/4 cup of my homemade Orange Oil Cleaner
  • Sometimes I add a drop or two of Tea tree and Neem oils
That's it.I mix the orange oil and baking soda together ( cause I like to watch it bubble and fizz lol) then I add the water.The baking soda and orange oil cleans the hair like you would not believe! You dont have to use the orange oil cleaner, but its super easy to make and does work better.Baking soda and water will work as well.But I love how the orange oil cleans and plus I love the orange smell :) The white vinegar in the orange oil cleaner practically dissolves dandruff and keeps it at bay.Its amazing! I mix this up, take it to the shower and scrub my scalp while I pour it on.I grab my hair and squish it through my hair like I'm milking it.Then I let it sit for a minute or two and then rinse.Now, for me anyway, when its in my hair my hair feels very matted and I was scared the 1st time I used it.I don't know why this happens but its something I had to get used to.I just wanted to give you a heads up in case it happens to anyone who tries this, don't freak out.It goes away :) Ok so after its sets I rinse, scrubbing while the water runs through it.You have to rinse very thoroughly with this.If you leave any left on you will be able to tell.Next step is to condition.Now this recipe is for MANY conditioning treatments and this is what I let sit for atleast 2 weeks.You can use right away too if you wish.

For my 'conditioner' I mix:
  • 1 bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Whatever herb suits your needs, I'll post some of them later.
I add rosemary,sage,chamomile,catnip,lavender and the essential oils Neem and peppermint to mine.I use more of some than of others but its usually a big handful of each per large jug of Apple Cider Vinegar.I really pack them in there.I'll post the properties of the different herbs at the end of this.I have, in a pinch, just used apple cider vinegar alone.
I apply the conditioner by using a old condiment bottle.I strain the vinegar mix into the bottle about 1/4 to 1/2 way up the bottle and then fill the rest with water.I use about 1/4 to 1/2 of the bottle each time I use it.I coat my hair with the mix and scrub it into my scalp same as I do with the shampoo.And I milk it just like the shampoo.Then I let this sit for atleast 3 minutes.Since I have curly hair I pick my hair out with the conditioner in it to help detangle it and make sure it worked its way through.To keep my curls intact I NEVER pick my hair out any other time then that.Not after I get out of the shower or when its dry.I will finger pick it if I need to, but pulling on curls takes the spring out of them.So after the conditioner has sat a few minutes I rinse but this time I don't rinse as thoroughly as I do with the shampoo.I want some of this to stay in.Just to warn you there IS a vinegar smell, I have come to like it and it does not bother me in the least.Don't be scared of this.It goes away completely once your hair is dry.I went to one of my sons track meets last year with my hair still wet.One of the boys on his team asked me if I had been eating Salt and Vinegar chips lol The same day people there were having a terrible time because of gnats or some little bug flying up in their faces.They must not like the smell of my hair cause I didn't have one bother me :)
If anyone has any questions please let me know.I will answer them as best I can and if I dont know the answer I will get it for you.Now there were some people who left comments in my other poo post ( lol that sounds funny ) who were concerned about ethnic hair.When I started out researching this MOST of the info I got was from sites for natural ethnic hair care.My children are multi racial, my sons hair is very thick but my daughters hair is thinner than mine.So my family's hair goes from thick to thin.This works on us all.I have also seen women with bone straight baby fine hair who have a very similar hair care regime.You just need to find out what works for you, and tweak your recipes accordingly.Some might need less baking soda or more to cleanse their hair.You will just know and it wont take long to figure it out.There also was another comment about dandruff.Seriously if you do not wish to go all out and go this natural just use a treatment of white vinegar.Mix 1/2 vinegar with 1/2 water and let it sit in your hair for a few mins, scrub then rinse.You will see the difference right away.I told you in my other post that I tried many recipes in the beginning of my natural hair journey that did not work for me.I was going to post those here but I can see how long this post is getting so Im going to pass for now.If anyone wants to know those just leave me a comment and I will put up a post with those recipes.
Ok here's a list of herbs and their properties.Some research on your own will pull up more but this will start you out.

  • Burdock: root helps prevent dandruff
  • Catmint/Catnip: leaves encourage hair growth and soothes scalp irritations
  • Chamomile: flowers soften and lighten hair
  • Lavender: antiseptic, antibiotic, stimulates hair growth, and degreases hair loss
  • Parsley: enriches hair color and gives a nice luster
  • Rosemary: tonic and conditioner, one of the best herbs to use, gives luster and body, also slightly darkens the hair
  • Sage: tonic and conditioning, darkens the hair
  • Stinging Nettle: tonic and conditioning and helps prevent dandruff
There are tons more but this is a good list to start out with.I was going to post pics with this but I think its long enough as it is.I will post one pic at the end because Hyla requested it :) Its the Aloe Vera that we use as our only styling product.Ok that's not true, sometimes I use coconut oil too.But not all that often.If anyone tries this out PLEASE come back and let me know how it worked for you.If you have decided to try this out please realize that it IS a process and like I talked about in the other post, there is a transition you have to go through but it is TOTALLY worth it.Unless your lucky like my daughter and switched over without a hitch, that lucky duck.Alright enough rambling from me, here's your pic Hyla.Just so you know its on the back wall of our walmart before you get to the pet dept.Its on the bottom row.( Hyla and I are neighbors so we go to the same wally world :D )

Merry Mixing!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

I am Poo free! (almost)

I am poo free!! Not that kind of poo, I'm still full of it ;)The 'poo' I'm talking about is shampoo. I said almost in the title cause I'm a big fat cheater and I have given in a few times.
I decided to go poo free about 2 yrs ago.I was chicken for almost a year.Then I decided to let my daughter be my guinea pig.My daughter transitioned about a yr ago and her transition went smoother than expected.Well she had ZERO transition actually.My daughter is multi racial and has very fine curly hair.I'm not sure if this is what helped her switch over so easily or not.She co washes...which means washes her hair with conditioner.I have yet to find a homemade conditioner that works for her and she refuses to use the conditioner I use.So I still buy hers,But she is 'poo' free.I am taking baby steps to get her totally off any store bought hair care products, even ones marked natural.But for now I worry less about all those chemicals in the shampoo.Like methylisothiazolinone(eeek).Or any number of these: sodium laureth, sodium lauryl sulfate, diethanolamine, momothanolamine, triethanolamine...I can go on.Check this place out, it breaks it all down for you.And these just name a few.They are tons of little evil chemical compounds in every little drop of shampoo.
Since I have made my own transition I have MUCH healthier hair.I have loose curly hair that loved to frizz up, not a issue anymore.And it grows much faster.My transition was ugly and lasted far longer than it should have because I'm a cheater.You hair goes through a bit of a rebellious stage when you switch over.It did not help that I tried many different home made shampoos that I HATED.If I had used in the beginning what I use now I would not have had so many issues.Ahh live and learn.So since I have switched over, about 7 months ago, I have used a store bought(but all natural) shampoo maybe 4/5 times.Most of those times were in the beginning weeks and I used a homemade shampoo what was horrid for my hair type.I had to fix the damage :\ But I'm getting in the swing of things now and think I'm in the clear.I have a bit of psoriasis and things are MUCH better now that I stopped using shampoo.When I was still using shampoo I would have to switch every few months because I would get flakes, or it would stop working well on my hair or the fragrance would end up making me itch like crazy or my psoriasis would act up.I haven't had to worry about any of those things in the past few months.My hair doesn't stink or smell dirty, it just smells like clean hair.If I want my hair to smell fresh and purty I have a spray bottle with water and essential oils in it and if I want to freshen up I can give it a spritz.I never feel the need to though, ok its cause I'm lazy and never think of it.
I have also cut out all styling products for myself and my daughter.Now her hair is unruly.It takes me 20 mins ( at least) in the morning to just pick it all out.But to style it and keep it in line what we both use is all natural Aloe Vera.It's fantastic!! We use the clear kind, not the green kind with all the extra stuff in it.I buy mine from Walmart.I use it when I braid her hair also and it holds great.If you have curly hair give it a try, I swear you will not be disappointed.But on the up side if you are disappointed you can still use it. Aloe has a million uses.
Tomorrow I am going to post my hair care routine and the recipes I use/have used. Some didn't work for me but they might work for someone else :)
Love & Light

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Product review: Jade & Pearl Sea Sponge Tampons

To start out this review ( just to warn you this is my first) I am going to let you know how I came across this company and their product.This is going to be a bit long I think :) Also there might be TMI moments.I will warn you ahead of time on those.

Ok here we go....

Like I said in another post I was looking for natural/eco friendly alternatives to feminine products.I had already used cloth pads but I was looking for something that might be a bit more leak proof, discreet when wearing and a way for me to collect my moon flow.To be honest I am not sure how I 1st came across the Jade & Pearl web site, probably google although I'm not sure what I was looking for.I had no idea what a sea sponge tampon even was, so it was pure luck.And I do indeed feel lucky to have found them.I emailed them and got a reply from them within hours! They were so helpful and open to work with me that I could not believe it.Their customer service is amazing and they are personable and answered any questions I had.
I got the product in the mail within days.The kit I got had 2 sponges and a cloth bag to store them in.I also got a few brochures.Their items are printed on recycled paper using soy ink and packaged in biodegradable cellophane.How sweet is that?!? The brochures were very informative and the directions could not have been any clearer, it was all pretty straight forward stuff.How to clean it, insert and remove ( which I was the most nervous about) and how to store it.I could not wait till my next moon cycle to try it all out! I was able to fight my excitement and wait a few days to open the packaging so I could take pics and all.Now I will admit that at this point I was NERVOUS.I felt the sponges and they were hard.I looked at it and thought there is no way....... But I'm a trooper and I was going to try it out no matter what.But before I get to the review and let you know how it worked for me I will give you some info about sea sponges.

Sea sponges have the ability to regenerate from even the tiniest fragments, and as it is harvested millions of eggs and sperm cells are released into the surrounding water.Making sea sponges a renewable resource that provides a ecologically sound product for menstrual use.Women through out the ages have used rags,sponges, grass,cattail,moss,seaweed and other absorbent materials to collect their menses.
Think of this, the average woman uses nearly 17,000 disposable pads and tampons throughout their menstrual years.In North America alone an estimated 20 BILLION bleached pads and tampons end up in the landfills and sewage systems each year!! And that does not even take into account the applicators and packaging that goes along with these products.
There are many risks with conventional tampons besides the dreaded TSS ( Toxic shock syndrome).One hazard with conventional tampons is Dioxin, a by-product of the tampon fiber bleaching process.Risks associated diseases related to Dioxin exposure and synthetic fibers are endometriosis and pelvic inflammatory disease to name a few.
I have had issues with wearing tampons for many years.I was nervous to try these to be honest because of my past tampon use.So like I said after I opened the package and felt them I was even more apprehensive.But I took a deep breath and got them ready for their first bath.The minute they hit the water they turned so soft I was amazed.I could not believe the change just a bit of moisture made and then I realized that inserting these things would be a breeze and I was almost certain that I would have zero issues with them.I chose the baking soda wash to clean them, since I know that baking soda is a softener.All the other ways to wash them are all natural too which I just love.I rinsed them and squeezed all of the water out and got one ready to insert.(Now you can wear more than one if you have extra heavy flows,they also have a teen size which I thought was nifty.)Ok so I sat there, took a deep breath and popped it in.No resistance, it forms to your own personal shape and curve so it fits where it needs to.I sat there.And I sat there a bit longer.To be honest I was a bit nervous to stand up and have the thing fall out.It was a irrational thought I knew but I was still nervous.Finally I got up, nothing.I wiggled, nothing.I bounced, nothing.I squatted, nothing.
TMI alert.... I was worried about the mess involved with manually inserting the sponge.But with the sponge being moist when you insert it kinda clears a path for you and there was extremely little mess.No more so that with any other product.
I wore it for 3 hours before I took it out.I wore a cloth pad with it since I was nervous of leaks.Again I was nervous for nothing.
I will say this, I felt it inside me.Now I had not worn a tampon in almost 16 yrs.I remember that last time I wore one and it was agony.This was nothing even near that.All that I felt was a slight fullness.Not even what I would call pressure.I just knew it was there.I honestly was amazed at the comfort of it.But like I said it was so very soft when I wet it that I knew it would form to my shape.There is no way tampons could ever do that or come close.
Removal of the sea sponge brought on more unnecessary anxiety.Does anyone know what its like to remove a tampon that's dry? Its horrid.I didn't know how absorbent the sponges would be so I had that in the back of my mind.I was also scared of ripping it.I felt for it, pinched it gently and it slipped right out.I gave it a look over and realized that I could have flowed 3xs the amount I did and still been in the clear.Those little things sure can hold a lot.At this point you could rinse and reinsert.I rinsed it out.....ok I harvest it, if anyone wants to know how that went just ask and I will fill you in.So anyway,after I harvested what I could I rinsed.It rinsed out SUPER fast and easy.I'm used to having to squeeze and flush out my cloth pads but this was much easier.I squeezed it under the water a few times then the water ran clear.That was it.From beginning to end ( if you take out my neurotics) the experience was a smooth, comfortable and earthy experience.I knew the whole time that I had nature/sea sponges in me, at one point I made myself giggle cause in my head I was singing ♪♫♪♫♪'Shes got the whole ocean, in her womb'♪♫♪♫♪ to the tune 'Hes got the whole world in his hands' LOL
I happen to love this product and will use it again.The sponges have to be replaced every few months but the price is ridiculously low so it shouldn't be a issue for anyone.Check out Jade & Pearl, they have moon time kits for girls just starting out, lunar calendars and cyclebeads to chart your cycle,cloth paniliners,and other all natural items.You can tell they take pride in their wares and the have a respect for the environment.Its a quality company.
If anyone has any questions at all please just ask either here or contact me ( from my profile page).Don't be scared to ask a personal question if its something you want to know.I had a hard time not adding tons of TMI here, so believe me when I tell you I have no problem discussing anything.

Ok people, let the Sponge Bob Square Pants jokes begin :P

Natural solutions to your monthly cycle

I have been using a natural product for my moon cycle (menstrual cycle) for over the past 6 months.I decided to switch over from store bought for many many reasons.I didnt like the chemicals used in either tampons or pads, I didnt like the HUGE waste it produces and I like to save money.I couldnt see buying something that just gets wasted every month and thrown into the waste pile.I havent used tampons for years because after I had my son they were no longer comfortable for me.So I went out on a search for a more eco friendly alternative.I found cloth pads and I LOVE them.I have had no issues with them other than there is more work involved with them since you have to wash them and all.I hand wash mine because I dont want them in the washer with everything else and I want to make sure they are extra clean.I do not mind hand washing them and for me there was no yuck factor.Mine are handmade and I have bought mine from a few women on Etsy.
But then I began to view my moon cycle in a spiritual light.I already blogged about that and I will again, just to warn ya'll. I had read up on uses of menstrual blood and its significance in cultures.Since my moon time came to mean a time of power for me I thought it was wasteful to just throw it away.Some women collect their menstrual blood every month and mix it with water and feed their plants.They claim that they grow faster and fuller,which I believe to be true.Some women collect theirs every month for magickal purposes.I thought of using mine for both.....since its a sustainable resource and all lol I doubt I will run out any time soon.
So in my quest to find ways to collect my moon flow AND be gentle on the earth I came across two products.One you may have heard of but the other thats not so often spoke of.I contacted a few companies and asked them if I could do a product review on their product and 2 said yes.
I will be posting a review of one of the products tomorrow...or later tonight since Im so excited lol I have tons of pics ( of the product, nothing yucky lol) and just to give a warning I will be VERY open in my review.So if your squeamish you may want to use caution.
Does anyone have any natural or alternative solutions to their moon cycle that they would like to share?
Love & Light

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


OK So this might seem really odd (typical for me).And believe me when I tell you that no, I am not a blogger stalker.You all know that I had a issue leaving a comment on LJ's blog, and I felt the need to post about it here. Ok so heres the weird part.(If she ever comes to read this shes probably going to run run as fast as she can lol) Sunday night I had a super vivid dream that I had what the kids call 'cooties'.I shit you not,I woke up all sorts of itchy.I told my kids about the dream and they picked on me a bit saying things like 'hey whats that in your hair?!?' har har har.ANYWAY here comes the weirdness, I went to LJ's blog today and you will not believe what her post is about, posted for the day after my dream mind you.Its about how she was battling lice all weekend.This might seem like either a) bullshit or b) no big deal to some.Believe me when I tell you that its not bullshit.Maybe its not big deal though.Maybe its just a coincidence.But for some reason I have this weird pull in her direction and Im not sure why.I swear Im not a stalker, but it does seem odd right? What do you think it means? Why did I have such a urge to open a line of communication with her, and so much so that I blogged here about my inability to do so? And why am I dreaming of things that are going on in her life? Am I reading into it too much? Does anyone have any thoughts on this type of thing or has anything like this happened to them? Funky right??

Recommended reading?

Since I am a solitary and new to my path I have been trying to read everything I can get my hands on.The library is my BFF.There are a few books that I have read and put down almost as soon as I picked it up.And then there are a few that I LOVE and keep renewing from the library ( Im going to have to give in and just buy them).But does anyone have any books that they can recommend? Any book that spoke to you the minute you cracked the cover? I would greatly appreciate the input.Here are a few books I have already read, and maybe re-read :
  • Paganism : an introduction to earth-centered religions - Joyce Higginbotham
  • The complete idiots guide to Paganism - Carl McColeman
  • Paganism : A beginners guide - Teresa Morrey
  • The craft: A witch's book of shadows - Dorothy Morrison
  • Grimoire for the green witch - Aoumiel
  • Natural witchery - Ellen Dougan
  • Solitary witch: The ultimate book of shadows - Silver Ravenwolf
  • Crafting wiccan traditions :creating a foundation for your spiritual beliefs - Raven Grimassi
  • Wicca : A guide to the solitary practitioner - Scott Cunningham
I have read many other books but these are a few to give you the idea.Do you have any opinions on any of these? And PLEASE share with me any books that you have found helpful in your own life.I know all paths are different but I think there is much to be learned by ALL spiritual paths.Besides I think you need to know what you believe as much as what you dont.If that makes any sense :) Thanks in advance for the input!
Love & Light

Friday, August 21, 2009

LJ at "A Racing Mind"

Ok well I subscribe to this blog and I LOVE it.I went there and read 2 posts today that for some reason I can not post a comment on.And I cant figure out why :( If anyone else subscribes to her and is having the same issue could you please let me know Im not alone.I looked to see if there was a way to contact her but I didnt find any on her blog ( but I might have just missed it) Is it just me who has this issue?

My new avatar pic

Ok I just had to show this here cause its super small in my profile....and I ADORE IT! I found it somewhere, I cant seem to remember.It was a site for free wallpapers so Im sure its ok if I use it.Ok well here it is in all its badassness!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What is my culture?

This was originally written with another blog entry.I kind of went off with this and it didnt really have anything to do with the original post, so I cut it out and am reposting it here.
Ok well here it is:

I am only 1/4 Native Mohawk.My family is very very small and no one ever discusses this.They know nothing of their own culture so I was not passed anything in regard to that.This does not change the fact that I have ALWAYS felt that a HUGE part of myself was lost and still missing.I feel a great connection to that aspect of myself but sadly I feel like it is out of reach to me.I am clueless when it comes to my family line and my native culture.My grandmother was born and grew up on a reservation not very far from my house.However she died when my mother was a very small child.And as a single parent ( my grandfather died of a heart attack) the children, all 9 of them, were sent to different orphanages and separated.So my mother knows VERY VERY little of that side of her family.She has never really felt the urge to try and find out I guess.However when I was a child my mother put me into something called "Indian Class" ( no kidding thats what our school called it) We had a very high population of native children at my school and so every friday for a hour we left regular class and went to a room by the cafeteria and elders from a local tribe would come in and teach us our culture.I LOVED my time with them and still remember a bit of what was taught.I still have a leather bag and a leather beaded book mark that I made in that class.I remember how to count to 19, for some reason I cant remember 20.I used to know how to sing "Old McDonald" but I have lost it along the way.I am registered in Washington DC as a native, my mother had to fill out the paperwork and she seems to have lost whatever paperwork she got back.If anyone out there knows how/who to contact in regards to this I would really appreciate any info at all.
Love & Light!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

A womans 'Moon Time'

Just recently my moon time ( menstrual time) has come to have a very spiritual meaning to me.I have always thought it to be a beautiful time in a womans life (Woman= Womb of Man) and I think its pretty significant that almost 1/4 of every month during our childbearing years is spent dedicated to it.My moon time has become very sacred to me.During your moon time you have both life and death in your body going on at the same time.The death being the releasing of the old uterus lining and the unfertilized egg , the life aspect is the renewal and the fresh lining.And during this time you have those dueling energies occurring so a womans personal energy and power is greatly amplified.In most if not all Native American cultures it was a time of great respect from both men and women.Tribes had 'Moon Lodges' and a woman would go into and stay in the lodge until her moon time has passed.(Other cultures called theirs 'red tents' or many other terms, but all kinda along the same lines) During her time in the moon lodge the elder women would teach her medicine, herbs, ceremonies, rites, prayers and on.Teachings were handed down to her.The women , at this time, were expected to rest and not perform any chores and she was taken care of by the elder women of the tribe.No cooking,cleaning or lifting.This was a time for the woman to learn and nurture herself and to also embrace her womanhood.A womens moon time was never looked down upon, there was no negativity put on it.( There were no jokes about PMS, lucky for them).The men respected and revered her.The men also cooked and took care of the children at this time which was a wonderful time of bonding between a father and their children.Its was a time of love and respect.Women are the ones who nurture life and carry it, and on top of this, women are the only sex that can carry two souls/spirits in her body at the same time, being her own and her unborn child's.( just imagine multiple births, twins and so forth!!)

Now this part might freak some out so if your faint of heart go check out one of my squirrel pics.................Ok dont say I didnt warn you.

Menstrual blood was thought to carry extreme power and many women harvested their own menstrual blood.It was the most natural and powerful element that could be harvested from a person and it was the same as holding life/death itself in your hands.It is still used today, although I believe not to the same extent as it was in times ago.There is also use of the placenta after child birth ( a topic for another day).

Ok you can peek again :)

Getting back on track, the native view of moon time for me is very deep.I have another post to come after this one branching off of this topic and even after that I have 2 ( count them 2!!!) product reviews on their way....again along the same lines as this.Just thought I would give you a heads up.Im not sure who else is interested in this topic but I know I am so if anyone reading this has ANY info at all, or has any views on a womans moon time PLEASE share it with me.I would love to hear it.Also if anyone would like to see a post with more indepth folklore on this topic let me know and I would be happy to post it.
Love and Light!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

1000 arms dance

I sat here ready to eat a fly when I watched this cause my mouth was wide open the whole time! That was amazing!! You know if I got together with all the other personalities I have in my head I bet we could pull off something as cool as wouldnt be able to see it but just take my word for it, we would ROCK!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Ok so I need to blog more

My friend has pointed out that if I don't blog more often then anyone who comes here ( I think they must be lost to end up here).. but anyone who comes wont come back unless they know this is a active blog.Makes perfect sense.My problem is that I think of things to blog at the WORST times.Two minutes before I fall asleep, when I'm "reading in the quiet room" or when I'm making dinner.And my head floats from one thing to the next, so as fast as the ideas come they are gone and replaced.Usually by a song I haven't heard since 7th grade and that has decided to move my into minds playlist.....stuck on repeat.I thought to myself when I started this lil blog that I would try my hardest to get on here as often as I could and keep it up.I even had a back up plan of posting random squirrel pics just to have something to post.Lame? Sure, but I am CRAZY about squirrels ( surprised? lol) and I like to look at those pics.So it was self serving also.This post it seems is really like a Seinfeld episode and basically a post about nothing.Sorry.I was going to post about Lammas (Lughnasadh) but I am still in the learning stage so I would probably not have much to say about it.Then I thought of making a post about my all natural bug spray that I make ( both for the body and to repel flying insects).But I am going to have to use my cam for those and I'm in a lazy mood and not up to it right now.Plus I will need my kitchen table and it looks like a craft store threw up on it.I'm letting paint dry and I just finished my herb cabinet whoo hoo.I will probably post pics and do a post about that as well because I got it for a steal and I was really excited about it.I just wish I had thought to take before pics so you could have seen the horror.
well now I'm rambling, if its not one extreme its another with me. It adds to my charm :} I have no idea where I am going with this since I am , as I type, thinking of making some loose incense and not sure what kind I want to make with what I have on hand.I honestly think I have a form of ADD.If you made it this far you might have a touch of it yourself lol I will be back tomorrow with a post, promise.AND with visuals of some form depending on how much motivation I have.Till then.......
Love and light!