Friday, May 15, 2009

Your personal Bill of Rights

I have the right to make my own choices.

I have the right to follow my own values and standards,
as long as I do not push them others.

I have a right to dignity and respect.

I have a right to all of my feelings.

I have a right to express myself as long as
I am not abusive toward others.

I have a right to determine and honor my own priorities.

I have a right to recognize and accept my own value system as appropriate.

I have a right to have my needs and wants respected by others.

I have the right to say 'no' when I feel I am not ready, unsafe,
or that it violates my values.

I have the right to make mistakes and not be perfect.

I have the right not to be responsible for others behavior,
actions, feelings or problems.

I have the right to make decisions based on my
feelings and judgment for any reason.

I have the right to change my mind at any time.

I have the right to my personal space and time needs.

I have the right to be in a safe, non-abusive environment.

I have the right to forgive others and forgive myself.

I have the right to give and receive unconditional love.

I have the right to enjoy being sexual and celebrate my sexuality.

I have the right to my own spiritual beliefs and to celebrate them.

I have the right to joyfully receive without feeling guilty.

I have a right to healthy relationships of my choice.

I have the right to be angry with someone I love.

I can take care of myself, no matter what.

I have the right to be healthier than those around me.

I have the right to trust others who earn my trust.

I have a right to expect honesty from others.

I have the right to change and grow.

I have the right to follow my own path.

I have the right to be happy.

Author unknown

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Out of place rant :Kathie Lee Gifford

Ok so I may rant from time to time on here.This is childish and a bit over the top but who cares.Here we go.......I hate Kathie Lee Gifford.Not HATE hate, but hate in the everyday sense of the word.I really can not stand her at all.Her personality is beyond annoying.She was a walking version of Twitter before it was even thought of.I don't care what Frank is doing, I could care less what Cody is doing and you wouldn't know she has another kid, since she never really says a peep about them, but she has a kid named Cassidy.I couldn't tell you if its a boy or a girl but either way I'm sure I could give two shits about what he/she is doing either.But she feels the need to tell everyone ALL about it.Shes a deplorable person in my opinion and her personality ...well it 'sucks'.I can't come up with a word to fit there so play Madlibs with me and add your own.Shes rude, has a HUGE ego and I cant stand her singing.I watch the Today show every morning and although I love Hoda Kotb I just cant bring myself to watch their segment.Kathie Lee is beyond rude to her and I have no idea what Hoda has done in a past life to deserve it, but shes stuck with her it seems.She is so condescending it's ridiculous.And all she does is talk over people, I guess she thinks what she has to say is more important than what anyone else has to say.I have alot of time on my hands so I wrote to the Today show and told them this.Apparently they don't think they need to listen to me (gasp!) because Kathie Lee is still there.( I wasn't going to admit that I wrote the Today show but WTH) Annnnnnyway... I hate her voice, the way she walks, how she moves her head, the way she talks down to people and how she makes jokes she thinks are 'edgy'.I don't know why she bothers me so much but she does.You think this is some mental illness I have manifesting itself somehow?? It might be, I should probably delete all of this but since no one really reads this I feel safe getting it off my chest.

Watch out for her though.....I don't trust her.

Monday, May 11, 2009

My Totem (power) animal

Recently I went to a class on animal totems and how to get in touch with your power animal( the 'top dog' so to speak). I am 1/4 native Mohawk and have always felt a closeness to that part of myself, although I dont' look like I even have a drop in me :( So to have animals be part of my spiritual life feels natural. I have always felt a closeness to animals, more so then I have with people. And I have always loved squirrels (could you guess from my name here?). I mean, I really love them. I feed them and I name them. I have many who come on my back porch. They all have distinct personalities and I can tell who's who by just a glance. The seem to like me in return and I refuse to think it has anything to do with the fact that I have become the soup kitchen for the wayward squirrels of the neighborhood. I have my favorites. Like this handsome devil named Tyson. He got his name because he was in some kind of fight and part of his ear is now missing.
But there is Sugar Sweets too. I will have to look for her pics in my pc, I have TONS.I will post all about her on here sometime I'm sure.She was my 1st squirrel friend. They are all my friends. Yes that sounds cheesy and I don't care. I know how it makes me sound and I'm ok with that. I have a bond with them. So when I took the course on animal totems I knew already that my main animal totem was the squirrel. I never really put any thought as to why and what they meant to me. I just knew they had a special place. We all have our favorites. It's believed that the reason is much deeper than most people believe. There are many things that draw people to their power animal. The characteristics that are associated with squirrels in animal totem work are :

Gathering, Activity, Preparedness

The gathering power of Squirrel is a great gift.
It teaches us balance within the circle of gathering and giving out.
They remind us that in our quest for our goals,
it is vital to make time for play and socializing.

Squirrel teaches us to conserve our energy for times of need.
If your totem is Squirrel or Squirrel has recently entered your life,
lighten your load of things that are unnecessary –
things that you have gathered in the past and may be cluttering your life –
thoughts, worries, and stresses.

Squirrel is also the totem of action.
Ask yourself are you too active, not active enough, afraid of enough,
hung up on accumulating and collecting.
Squirrel people tend to be a little erratic – trying to do many things at once.
Take the time to stop and listen to your inner self – and don’t forget to play!

So for me its alot of what I am and what I need to be. I need to be more squirrel like in many ways and learn to let my inner squirrel out. This fits me more than you know. I'm a pack rat and have little ( or big ) piles of things everywhere. But I know where everything is. I save everything in case I ever need it. As easily as I hold onto things I hold on to emotions too and I have been known to hold a grudge. I have a hard time letting things go. Im skittish and spazzy in my thoughts and in my younger years I was a bit squirrely and a bit aggressive. Ever see squirrels fight?? And inspite of my holding on to everything I am NEVER prepared for anything. I could go on but I'm sure you get the point. So my power animal, my main totem animal, is the squirrel. I would like to have a kick ass one like a wolf or a horse or something else considered more powerful and majestic to tell you about. But it is what it is and I'm more than happy with my squirrels. On the flip side of animal totems there are shadow totems as well. More on that another time if anyone is interested.
I think you can learn alot about yourself by finding your power animal. Is there a animal you are drawn to? One that you feel a strong connection to? If so look into it, see what you find out about yourself. Here are a few links to get you started. If you go to the bottom of the page there are tons of animals to choose from.( Also its where I got the info about squirrels I posted above) TONS of info here! If you check out only one page let it be this one!

If you are interested in more info and don't know where to look just let me know and I will find out everything I can and fill you in.

Now go find your inner animal!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A fresh start

Ok so I get it that no one even knows this little spot on the net even exists.Im ok with that.I forgot it was here for the longest myself.Then I was reminded that I even had one and when I came to take a peek at what was here I cringed.It pretty much sucked and Im ok with that too.Im not a professional and since I have been browsing the web I have come to realize that Im not all that interesting either.There are many people who have blogs that make me feel super uncool.This is my place for me to waste some time and purge whats in my head.If anyone comes here and finds something worth reading that would be awesome.So Im off to try and remember how to work this whole blog thing......

Friday, May 8, 2009

Under construction

This blog is under construction.I may call the demolition crew or decide to start from scratch.Either way its naked for now.