Saturday, September 19, 2009

Im sad today :( --Edited--

Due to transportation issues I will miss out on 2 ( count them 2!) very important things today.
First off my son has a football game that I will not be able to make.I am so down about that because I LOVE to watch him play.I know all parents say that but seriously...I have goosebumps the whole game and I pace, no sitting down for the mom.I alternate between wringing my hands and screaming.I also swear alot so I have learned to catch myself and cover my mouth and swear into my hands....which means I look like a total moron Im sure :D I swear if people didn't know me they would think I have tourette's syndrome. Yeah my behaviour is that bad.

Ok on to the other thing I am going to miss today.Today in my area it is the Pagan Pride festival.I have never gone since to be honest last year I had no idea something like that even existed, I'm a newbie as you all know.I really wanted to go this year and had planned to months ago when I 1st found out about it.But here I am :(

Edited: My son called me and told me that rapper Eminem was dead from a car crash.I searched for it, read it and then went back and the story was gone.Im guessing its not true.If he weren't on a bus going to a football game I would call him and yell at him lol Its kinda hard to yell at yourself but if I could I would yell at myself for being a gullible lil school girl lol


Lisa said...

So sorry about your transportation issues. It's a great visual imagining you out there swearing into your hands. lol My kids didn't do sports, but my older son was in theater and I felt the same way...goosebumps all the way, though I don't think I ever swore. hehe

I gasped when I read what you said about Eminem. I'm not sure why. My son used to adore him. I'm glad it doesn't seem to be true.

Crazy Squirrel Lady said...

LOL no it wasnt true but I found 2 sites that said it was, one thats link doesnt show the article and ones thats fake :( I did call him while he was on the bus and yell at him lol

Bella Foxglove said...

Lisa, I totally gasped when I read it as well lol...

CSL, I am so sorry that you had to miss the game and festival! We have there here as well and I have never managed to get to one, something always seems to come up!

It is awesome that you are so into your sons sports, that great!
Hope your day improves!!

Anna said...

sorry about the transportation issues. I'm the same way I don't watch sports on tv much if ever but if I'm at a game of someone I know watching I'm screaming and yelling at refs, LOL!!

That was mean trick about Eminem I was very close to pausing before finishing reading and checking CNN, LOL .. ahh kids :-)

Bridgett said...

I'm sorry. :(

It does stink that you had to miss two such important events. Boo!!!