Friday, September 18, 2009

I used the bottles....and I got more!!

I walked down to my local shit shop yesterday ( I call it that because it has all sorts of shit, no disrespect meant) and I bought out all the bottles they had on hand. So I have added 26 more of those little bottles to my collection!! I also found a hideously beautiful bowl that I will use for offerings and I picked up a small silver spoon that I will probably use for my loose incense. I got such an amazing deal on it all that I was giddy all day :) Plus I saw a gazillion squirrels on my walk. It took me twice as long to get home because I had to stop and talk to them all lol
Ok back to the bottles.I had a previous post here about them and I was looking for ideas for their use. I sincerely want to thank you all for giving me ideas! I haven't had time to get to all of them but I will.

I have a very very small alter that is not even set up yet, its just got stuff tossed on it :( But to be honest it doesn't feel like I should set it up yet. I don't feel ready for whatever reason. So I have been going with my gut and not done it. Anyway the lack of space on there got me thinking of how I could represent the elements and then I got a idea :) I made element bottles.Here they are.

The earth one is dirt I got from under my fav squirrel tree outside.The air one has 3 feathers shed from my mothers bird.The fire one has 3 match sticks and the water one is moon water that I got during July's full moon.
I'm still looking for ideas since I have alot of bottles to use here, so keep the ideas coming.
Also there will be giveaway very soon ;) Keep a eye out!!


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Your element bottles are awesome!

Crazy Squirrel Lady said...
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The One and Only Elfwench said...

I love the element bottles. That is just an awesome and cute idea.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Can't wait to see what you do with all the others.

Crazy Squirrel Lady said...

Thanks Debra :) I was trying to figure out what to use for the elements but Im not sure if I represented them right.Does the color or type of bird the feather comes from matter? Does anyone have a better representation for fire? I mean water and earth are easy to figure out. I appreciate all suggestions :)

D.Suplicki said...

I love your element bottles! I love to collect small bottles too, but never seem to have any luck whatsoever finding them.

For fire, the only other suggestion I can think of your be lava rock if you can find some. I use that a lot as my fire representation. The match sticks are just fine though!

D.Suplicki said...

Oh! and as far as I know, it doesn't matter what colour or bird the feathers come from, so long as they can fly!

Anonymous said...

I think your interpretation is spot on xx

Crazy Squirrel Lady said...

Thanks so much everyone!!

Lava rock is a FANTASTIC idea.I dont have any so Im going to have to hunt some down.

And hey D.Suplicki... if you like these bottles I have a giveaway coming up very very soon ;)

Hyla said...


Aewynne Redwolf said...

I just wanted to let you know, My boyfriend and I are also insanely obsessed with Squirrels. We always have to stop the car to watch them, even if they are just sitting still. Usually, this ends with us calling them "a fat" and driving off giggling. We do love squirrels.

Bridgett said...

My friend made element bottles too...but sssshhh...yours look better! LOL

I like the feathers idea...I hadn't thought of that!

I just think those little bottles are so cute. Job well done!