Monday, August 3, 2009

Ok so I need to blog more

My friend has pointed out that if I don't blog more often then anyone who comes here ( I think they must be lost to end up here).. but anyone who comes wont come back unless they know this is a active blog.Makes perfect sense.My problem is that I think of things to blog at the WORST times.Two minutes before I fall asleep, when I'm "reading in the quiet room" or when I'm making dinner.And my head floats from one thing to the next, so as fast as the ideas come they are gone and replaced.Usually by a song I haven't heard since 7th grade and that has decided to move my into minds playlist.....stuck on repeat.I thought to myself when I started this lil blog that I would try my hardest to get on here as often as I could and keep it up.I even had a back up plan of posting random squirrel pics just to have something to post.Lame? Sure, but I am CRAZY about squirrels ( surprised? lol) and I like to look at those pics.So it was self serving also.This post it seems is really like a Seinfeld episode and basically a post about nothing.Sorry.I was going to post about Lammas (Lughnasadh) but I am still in the learning stage so I would probably not have much to say about it.Then I thought of making a post about my all natural bug spray that I make ( both for the body and to repel flying insects).But I am going to have to use my cam for those and I'm in a lazy mood and not up to it right now.Plus I will need my kitchen table and it looks like a craft store threw up on it.I'm letting paint dry and I just finished my herb cabinet whoo hoo.I will probably post pics and do a post about that as well because I got it for a steal and I was really excited about it.I just wish I had thought to take before pics so you could have seen the horror.
well now I'm rambling, if its not one extreme its another with me. It adds to my charm :} I have no idea where I am going with this since I am , as I type, thinking of making some loose incense and not sure what kind I want to make with what I have on hand.I honestly think I have a form of ADD.If you made it this far you might have a touch of it yourself lol I will be back tomorrow with a post, promise.AND with visuals of some form depending on how much motivation I have.Till then.......
Love and light!


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Jupiter Greenmoone said...

I'm still in the learning stage as well but I blog a lot about my beginning practices and thoughts. I find that I can process the information I'm taking in better if I put it into my own words and get feedback from other Pagans. And I don't have contact with many Pagans in my community so blogging is a great place to get that feedback. I for one like your blog and find your ramblings amusing :)

Crazy Squirrel Lady said...

Jupiter believe me when I tell you I know how you feel about being the one other pagan in your area :( If it werent for the internet and books I would be lost.Thanks for stopping by here and letting me know Im not alone.

Thank to you too Hyla for always taking the time to stop by and comment :)