Wednesday, August 5, 2009

1000 arms dance

I sat here ready to eat a fly when I watched this cause my mouth was wide open the whole time! That was amazing!! You know if I got together with all the other personalities I have in my head I bet we could pull off something as cool as wouldnt be able to see it but just take my word for it, we would ROCK!


mrsb said...

Holy cow, that's crazy!

mrsb said...

Just read your comment, and you can totally do a love spell on yourself! How about something to draw an appropriate love to you? Or an attraction spell? Something that opens you up to possibilities?

I think those sorts of spells are absolutely okay - they might serve to attract someone to you, but you have to do the work to make it stick!

Crazy Squirrel Lady said...

Im definitely going to look into that.Thanks!!

Anet said...

I just had to pop over and say Hi! I saw you at Mrs. B's blog.
I'm a squirrel lover too:) I even have a squirrel blog for my squirrel Sniffy:)
As a matter of fact my family calls me "the crazy squirrel lady" and I'm thinking some of the neighbors do too!
Your squirrel photos are adorable.
I've seen this dance before, it is truly amazing.
~Nice to meet a fellow squirrel sister!

Jupiter Greenmoone said...

This is such a lovely video, I think I also ate a fly or two.

Thanks for your comment :) If the closet gets boring I'll have you over for appetizers and drinks.