Tuesday, August 25, 2009


OK So this might seem really odd (typical for me).And believe me when I tell you that no, I am not a blogger stalker.You all know that I had a issue leaving a comment on LJ's blog, and I felt the need to post about it here. Ok so heres the weird part.(If she ever comes to read this shes probably going to run run as fast as she can lol) Sunday night I had a super vivid dream that I had what the kids call 'cooties'.I shit you not,I woke up all sorts of itchy.I told my kids about the dream and they picked on me a bit saying things like 'hey whats that in your hair?!?' har har har.ANYWAY here comes the weirdness, I went to LJ's blog today and you will not believe what her post is about, posted for the day after my dream mind you.Its about how she was battling lice all weekend.This might seem like either a) bullshit or b) no big deal to some.Believe me when I tell you that its not bullshit.Maybe its not big deal though.Maybe its just a coincidence.But for some reason I have this weird pull in her direction and Im not sure why.I swear Im not a stalker, but it does seem odd right? What do you think it means? Why did I have such a urge to open a line of communication with her, and so much so that I blogged here about my inability to do so? And why am I dreaming of things that are going on in her life? Am I reading into it too much? Does anyone have any thoughts on this type of thing or has anything like this happened to them? Funky right??


Debra She Who Seeks said...

Have you had psychic experiences in the past? Perhaps been open to a new spiritual path has opened other pathways for you as well.

Crazy Squirrel Lady said...

Yes I have and it was in dream form also.Its a long long story so I will spare you the details.I had crossed paths with someone and after a few days of meeting them I had a VERY vivid dream of them passing over during their sleep.I told everyone about it the next morning because it upset me so and I was a bit surprised by how vivid it was.That woman passed over the next night in her sleep.I lived down south at them time and one of the people I told never talked to me again because she said "Something is going on with you that just ain't right".From my experience I have found that people down south are very superstitious about death and things in general.I find it charming and I fit right in with them in that regard.But one of our mutual friends told me that she was scared of me.The whole thing was very unsettling to me at the time :(
I think of the woman who I had the dream about very often.I dont really think all that much about the dream aspect of it though, I just think of her.

Rayden Darklighter said...

You know the saying, "When the student is ready, the teacher appears"? Maybe that's why. Perhaps there is something to be learned from her, or maybe there is something she will learn from you.

I read recently that all relationships are for a reason, for our souls to experience the things they have chosen to in this lifetime. I am happy for you to have this experience, it's wonderful that you are feeling such a pull and are not just assuming it's random coincidence. The universe has its ways of telling us we need to do something, and I applaud you for listening.

Just my opinion, but at any rate thanks for sharing, can't wait to read more about it!

Anonymous said...

I can attest to the fact that people down South are indeed easily spooked by people who might be a little more "in tune" with things than they are. Most people aren't psychic because they choose to suppress the natural ability to be such, or be empathic. It's hard to accept that a natural ability would be one that would scare people off. I'm very sorry that your friend reacted that way.

Crazy Squirrel Lady said...

Its funny cause I have read a book called "The Celestine Prophecy" and in that book it talks of the fact that we need to start paying attention to all the coincidences in out lives because nothing really is coincidental.Everything happens for a reason.
And I do believe that we meet people for a reason.That woman I had the dream of was very old so everyone around me just chalked up her passing to her age.For whatever reason I was meant to meet her and to have that dream.And again for whatever reason ( large or small ) I was meant to have the 'cootie dream' lol
Oddly enough everyone in my family ,and my friend Hyla (shout out lol), has been having coinkidinks lately.Maybe the stars are aligned just right or the planets are in the right position for something.
Either way Im going with the flow and accepting whatever comes my way.

I think Im going to do a blog post on something along these lines tonight or tomorrow and branch off on this.

I dont know how many people come here and read the comments so I am probably talking to myself but I want to thank you all for your input.
Love & Light

Rayden Darklighter said...

I for one always come back to read the comments, it's neat to read about other people's ideas and thoughts on the subject.

I feel the same way you do about coincidence, I have run into a lot of things especially lately that could be seen as coincidental, but I'm sure over time I will see why they happened.

Again, thanks so much for sharing.

Bridgett said...

Sounds to me like you might be empathetic.


Or, maybe she was an integral part of one of your former lives.

Very interesting though! And no, I don't think you're a stalker. LOL


Crazy Squirrel Lady said...

Thanks guys, I really appreciate all the input.
I 'feel' people alot.There have been many time that son walks through the door, I'll be cooking dinner or somewhere else in the house and I immediately yell to him 'whats wrong???' or ' what do you want?' or 'How much money do you need?' lol I just know it cause I feel it, if that makes sense.I went to my sisters house last week and she was in the kitchen but the minute I walked in the house I knew something was wrong, even before I saw her.I actually had no reason to go over there at the time, I just felt the need to go over there.It happens like that alllll the time.And If Im in a situation thats 'off' in any way I get all messed up emotionally and agitated and fidgety.I just thought I was overly sensitive for the longest time but its getting to the point where its like I suck up the energy thats getting put out there and it intensifies in me.Its like I suck it in and then cant get rid of it.I get frazzled really really quick.Crowds are the worst :( Anyone have any ideas on how to stop that or atleast deal with it better?