Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Natural solutions to your monthly cycle

I have been using a natural product for my moon cycle (menstrual cycle) for over the past 6 months.I decided to switch over from store bought for many many reasons.I didnt like the chemicals used in either tampons or pads, I didnt like the HUGE waste it produces and I like to save money.I couldnt see buying something that just gets wasted every month and thrown into the waste pile.I havent used tampons for years because after I had my son they were no longer comfortable for me.So I went out on a search for a more eco friendly alternative.I found cloth pads and I LOVE them.I have had no issues with them other than there is more work involved with them since you have to wash them and all.I hand wash mine because I dont want them in the washer with everything else and I want to make sure they are extra clean.I do not mind hand washing them and for me there was no yuck factor.Mine are handmade and I have bought mine from a few women on Etsy.
But then I began to view my moon cycle in a spiritual light.I already blogged about that and I will again, just to warn ya'll. I had read up on uses of menstrual blood and its significance in cultures.Since my moon time came to mean a time of power for me I thought it was wasteful to just throw it away.Some women collect their menstrual blood every month and mix it with water and feed their plants.They claim that they grow faster and fuller,which I believe to be true.Some women collect theirs every month for magickal purposes.I thought of using mine for both.....since its a sustainable resource and all lol I doubt I will run out any time soon.
So in my quest to find ways to collect my moon flow AND be gentle on the earth I came across two products.One you may have heard of but the other thats not so often spoke of.I contacted a few companies and asked them if I could do a product review on their product and 2 said yes.
I will be posting a review of one of the products tomorrow...or later tonight since Im so excited lol I have tons of pics ( of the product, nothing yucky lol) and just to give a warning I will be VERY open in my review.So if your squeamish you may want to use caution.
Does anyone have any natural or alternative solutions to their moon cycle that they would like to share?
Love & Light


Jupiter Greenmoone said...

I'm excited to read your reviews as I'm about to start using better products as well!

angie said...

i'm looking for other alternatives to store-bought products also, but i'm still a bit leery so haven't taken any leaps yet..looking forward to your reviews.

Anonymous said...

I was considering a cloth pad, too. I HATE tampons, I consider them risky to your health so I had stopped using those years ago. Interestingly enough, I never got a chance to try cloth pads, I had a hysterectomy last April. So, that became my alternative.:)

Autumn said...

I have been using a Diva Cup (sort of like a Moon Cup, but I have allergies to latex rubber) and I love it! So much less waste, so much more comfortable. I am very interested to hear what you come up with as far as magickal uses go...

I have heard about using it on plants before, but haven't tried it yet as my husband is a little squeamish about the whole thing.

Crazy Squirrel Lady said...

I love my cloth pads and Im with you LJ, I HATE tampons.
I was nervous to try out the sea sponges but Im glad I did (check out the review)
I have a menstrual cup that I am reviewing tomorrow or the next day:)

Bridgett said...

I stopped wearing tampons years ago...they make me itch unbearably.

I've looked into alternative options to pads, but haven't purchased at this point.

I'm eagerly anticipating your reviews! Yay!


Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.