Saturday, August 29, 2009

I am Poo free! (almost)

I am poo free!! Not that kind of poo, I'm still full of it ;)The 'poo' I'm talking about is shampoo. I said almost in the title cause I'm a big fat cheater and I have given in a few times.
I decided to go poo free about 2 yrs ago.I was chicken for almost a year.Then I decided to let my daughter be my guinea pig.My daughter transitioned about a yr ago and her transition went smoother than expected.Well she had ZERO transition actually.My daughter is multi racial and has very fine curly hair.I'm not sure if this is what helped her switch over so easily or not.She co washes...which means washes her hair with conditioner.I have yet to find a homemade conditioner that works for her and she refuses to use the conditioner I use.So I still buy hers,But she is 'poo' free.I am taking baby steps to get her totally off any store bought hair care products, even ones marked natural.But for now I worry less about all those chemicals in the shampoo.Like methylisothiazolinone(eeek).Or any number of these: sodium laureth, sodium lauryl sulfate, diethanolamine, momothanolamine, triethanolamine...I can go on.Check this place out, it breaks it all down for you.And these just name a few.They are tons of little evil chemical compounds in every little drop of shampoo.
Since I have made my own transition I have MUCH healthier hair.I have loose curly hair that loved to frizz up, not a issue anymore.And it grows much faster.My transition was ugly and lasted far longer than it should have because I'm a cheater.You hair goes through a bit of a rebellious stage when you switch over.It did not help that I tried many different home made shampoos that I HATED.If I had used in the beginning what I use now I would not have had so many issues.Ahh live and learn.So since I have switched over, about 7 months ago, I have used a store bought(but all natural) shampoo maybe 4/5 times.Most of those times were in the beginning weeks and I used a homemade shampoo what was horrid for my hair type.I had to fix the damage :\ But I'm getting in the swing of things now and think I'm in the clear.I have a bit of psoriasis and things are MUCH better now that I stopped using shampoo.When I was still using shampoo I would have to switch every few months because I would get flakes, or it would stop working well on my hair or the fragrance would end up making me itch like crazy or my psoriasis would act up.I haven't had to worry about any of those things in the past few months.My hair doesn't stink or smell dirty, it just smells like clean hair.If I want my hair to smell fresh and purty I have a spray bottle with water and essential oils in it and if I want to freshen up I can give it a spritz.I never feel the need to though, ok its cause I'm lazy and never think of it.
I have also cut out all styling products for myself and my daughter.Now her hair is unruly.It takes me 20 mins ( at least) in the morning to just pick it all out.But to style it and keep it in line what we both use is all natural Aloe Vera.It's fantastic!! We use the clear kind, not the green kind with all the extra stuff in it.I buy mine from Walmart.I use it when I braid her hair also and it holds great.If you have curly hair give it a try, I swear you will not be disappointed.But on the up side if you are disappointed you can still use it. Aloe has a million uses.
Tomorrow I am going to post my hair care routine and the recipes I use/have used. Some didn't work for me but they might work for someone else :)
Love & Light


Bridgett said...


I'd love to try this. We've gone organic and all-natural, but I'm still not convinced they're safe.

This will be interesting!


Liz said...

I rinse with a combination of rosemary and patchouli water...smells great!

Hyla said...

I still dont know which bottle of aloe to grab at walmart. Post a picture of yours in your next post,please.

Bella Foxglove said...

I can not wait to read the recipes! I have long, thick, naturally frizzy...errrr..I mean curly hair, and most shampoo dried my hair out, no matter if it is for oily or dry hair...

My hair is odd, I have oily scalp and dry as dead grass length lol..

I look forward to the next post!

The One and Only Elfwench said...

I can't wait to read them. I have thought about trying that myself.

Rayden Darklighter said...

I will have to go take a look at the ingredients in my "poo"! I use H&S because any other poo leaves me with flakes. Maybe there is a more natural alternative that I can find.

Thanks for sharing!

Aewynne Redwolf said... has some of the only vegan/organic/natural products i'll touch. I have a giveaway for one of their products ending soon on my blog. :)

Anonymous said...

how do you go poo-free? i use shampoo and conditioner on my natural hair (i'm an afro-latina woman) so i can style it without ripping my scalp off. i'd like to learn how to clean it and have it be healthy.

thanks for this!

Magaly Guerrero said...

Hmm, I wonder if this would work for me? I'm all about going all natural, but like your daughter my curls need some serious conditioning or else. You can not even attempt to get a comb through my hair otherwise. I can't wait to read your routine and you will be the first one to know if I try it ;)

Crazy Squirrel Lady said...

WOW thanks for all the comments!!!

I was going to answer everyone here but I think I will go and blog and hopefully I can answer there, that way I can squeeze it all in at once :)

Crazy Squirrel Lady said...

Ohh and thanks Aewynne Redwolf, I will be checking your blog out for that giveaway!!