Thursday, July 23, 2009

Squirrel pic of the day, and some words

This is how I have been feeling a bit lately.I have been busy with a kids birthday ( I feel so old) and with the kids being home for the summer. They are getting restless already.My daughter wants to go back to school now and my son says theres nothing to do in our area and hes bored out of his mind.I remember when I was younger, and that wasn't all the long ago, that I was just happy to hang out with friends.But not my kids, they want a damn itinerary handed out to them.They are moping around and spending more time complaining than anything else.So I guess my whole house is looking like this furry guy here.He just makes it look better than we do.


Hyla said...

LOL, make them clean the house!

Jupiter Greenmoone said...

Yeah he does make it look pretty darn fun. My sisters are visiting me, they've been here almost a month, and I'm worried I'm not entertaining enough. Whenever they look bored I tell them to write a list of 101 goals they want to accomplish. After that, they find ways to look busy.

Crazy Squirrel Lady said...

LOL Jupiter maybe you should try Hylas idea...that might work too lol