Monday, June 22, 2009

What have I become?

I'll tell you exactly what I have become.A hugger. Now let me just tell you that I am not the cuddly type at all.I never have been.But I am going through some strange emotional change lately.It causes me to cry daily, and that isn't that bad unless I'm in public.And that happened last week.But they are always joyful tears and not really tears of sadness.I am a mushy ball of girly emotions these days.Which leads me to my new behavior, hugging.Now I always hugged my loved ones and not so loved ones, but this has ventured out to strangers.A few weeks ago I got teary and hugged a women in the checkout at a pet store.I wont go into the story cause I'm sure it will bore you to death but this women and I had a moment.Ok maybe it was just me who had a moment and maybe she was scared of this crazy women in front of her who may or may not be crying.Maybe it wasn't as meaningful for her but I will not dwell on that.Anyway, in the end I asked her if I could hug her.She said yes and I hugged her.A real, honest and pure hug.Not one of those crappy ones where the human contact is at a minimal and you do the double hand pat on the back thing.Not good enough for me.I curl into these people ( there have been many lately) and HUG them.I don't invade their comfort zone I don't think.But I think the whole thing might freak them out a bit.They never turn and run and I can read people pretty well and I don't notice them looking for the exit door.I just think they stand there thinking to themselves....did this chunky stranger just wrap her arms around me?? lol Believe me when I tell you it is spontaneous, I don't set out to hug strangers.It just happens.But it's what feels right for me so I'm going to stick with it.I'm not sure I could stop even if I wanted to.

I wrote this a while ago and had it posted on a previous blog of mine.I decided to give it a new home and post it again here.

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Happenstance Hugger said...

Haaa! A fellow stranger hugger! I'm not alone! I find myself in these magical situations at the park, the store, wherever. I click with a kindred spirit and we end up hugging like dear friends when we part ways. I just stumbled upon your blog and LOVE it. I see you've disappeared for a while- I hope all is well with you...