Friday, June 19, 2009

Homemade : All natural deodorant

If you haven't heard of the evils of store bought deodorant and the chemical poisons that are used in it you might want to look into it ASAP.Run to google and you will find tons of sites with lots of info.Go on now.Scoot!( I could spend hours telling you but I just want to get to the recipe lol)

Ok,Back? Did you see what I was talking about? Ready for a all natural substitute you can make at home with items you likely have on hand? One that has a handful of ingredients and is organic? Did I mention it takes less than 5 mins to make? Seriously, what could be more appealing than a item that stops you from stinkin up the place, is all natural, handmade by you in minutes, and is CHEAP?? And let me say this right now.I can sweat!I used to buy the clinical strength commercial deodorants and I still had issues with sweat and smell.But this stuff is AMAZING!

Here's what it takes:
  • ~Coconut oil
  • ~Baking Soda
  • ~Corn Starch
  • ~Tea Tree Oil
  • ~Lavender Oil
That's it.You can also add other essential oils of your choice but this is all I use.The tea tree oil and the lavender oil are used for their antibacterial properties.That is what kills the funky smell.The baking soda works as the same but it also keeps you dry along with the corn starch.The coconut oil holds it all together and makes your skin smooth.
In a bowl mix 1/4 cup baking soda and 1/4 cup corn starch.Mix well.Melt 1/4 cup of coconut oil and add a couple TBSP at a time till you get a texture mud.You want it to end up thick like a paste BUT this stuff thickens as it sits.What you have in the beginning is not what you will have in about 24 hrs.So make it about 1/2 as thin as you want it to be in the end.My 1st batch came out THICK( I don't know if you can tell in the pic below).Whats great about this is that it still works no matter what the consistency is.It just makes it easier to work with if its on the creamier side.And if it doesn't get to the texture you want tweaking it is easy.Just add a bit of what you need till its where you want it.( Too thin add Baking soda/corn starch and too thick add coconut oil) I am also thinking about coming up with a liquid deodorant that I can put in a little spritz bottle.

Anyway here it is:

My container is the glass one on the right.I have had it for about 2 months and that's what is missing.Granted I don't use it everyday, but almost.I just scoop a little bit (very little) out and spread it on.A little goes a long way with this stuff.I don't have to reapply it either.This stuff is that good.I will NEVER go back to store bought.The plastic container on the left is my sisters that I just made.If you can see it the consistency is goopy like mud.In a few hours it should thicken up quite a bit and be creamy but firm.Go ahead and try it out! It works great, costs pennies and you wont have to run to the store and buy poison in a stick.Plus the containers you put this stuff in can be found in the kitchen OR you can even reused your old deodorant stick( save them from the landfill).Just fill them up,let them sit overnight to thicken, then use. If anyone tries it out please let me know what you thought.Merry Mixing!


Hyla said...

Wow! That does look super easy!

Anonymous said...

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Athrunxala said...

I've never had much luck with the homemade method. I always end up just making a mess everywhere. However I did find one natural deodorant that is a cut above the rest.

The One and Only Elfwench said...

Made it and love it but how much of tea tree and lavender oil is good to use? Mine came out smelling pretty strong.

Crazy Squirrel Lady said...

I put a few of drops of each, I make larger batches though so maybe a drop of each? I have noticed that the smell will calm down after it sits longer. And when its on the smell will relax as well. Thanks for letting me know how it came out and if you have any other questions please ask. BB!

The One and Only Elfwench said...

Well that explains it lol. I put in more like 20 drops of each lol. Now I know. I can't say enough how much I love this stuff. Even as strong as I made it I think it is amazing. It keeps me dry far better than even the clinical strength junk. Not to mention that I can make it for pennies. I even got my best friend dying to make it.