Thursday, June 18, 2009

Litha-The Summer Solstice ☼

This Sunday, the 21st ,it will be Litha.Also known as Summer Solstice,Midsummer Night, Midsummer Night's Eve, Gathering Day and on.It is the longest day of the year and also has the shortest night.It is a time to celebrate the beginning of summer, when the sun is at its most powerful position in the sky.The earth is flourishing beneath it and crops are being nurtured by its warm glow.They are starting to show promise of a full harvest.It is also believed that this is the time when fearies are in a most playful mood ( Even Shakespeare celebrated this in " A midsummer night's dream").It's been said that if you soak thyme in olive oil and then lightly anoint you eyelids with it you will be able to see the faerie folk at night!! So however you plan to celebrate the day please take the time to get outside, appreciate the sun and the green world around you.I plan on waking up before the sun that day to greet her and thank her.Im not really sure what else I will do since quite honestly I did not even know what Litha was just 6 months ago lol I am a single ( and sole) parent so Father's Day is not celebrated in my house.This will make a nice edition to what we celebrate already.I hope you all enjoy Litha and don't forget to say hello to the sun !!

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