Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Your Ostara traditions

For some reason Ostara seems to be the only sabbat that I treat like 'that other holiday' I used to celebrate. Only now I call it Ostara and not easter. I never celebrated the religious aspect of easter so I didn't really have much to change. Except for the change within myself where I have a different view on that day and a much greater respect for it. Well that and the fact that now I make bread in the shape of genitalia. It is lip smackin delicious if I do say so myself. Slathered in some homemade honey butter and Im one happy camper.I also go natural when I dye my eggs now.Onion peels,beets and spinach work great.I will try some others this year and see how they work as well.
So basically the only thing thats different for me between Ostara and easter is the way I do those things and the intent in which I do them. Well that and the ritual I do but since Im solitary its short and sweet most often.
I am wondering what others do to praise the day and how their family celebrates it.My children are older and not much fun anymore :( Plus they do not share the same spiritual views that I do really, but they don't look at easter as a religious holiday either. So they are pretty much game for anything, as long as a chocolate bunny is involved at some point. But I want a way to pull my family together and make it a special day for us all.
I would love to hear from others on their family celebrations and traditions for Ostara.
Any input would be great.Thanks!

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