Thursday, May 14, 2009

Out of place rant :Kathie Lee Gifford

Ok so I may rant from time to time on here.This is childish and a bit over the top but who cares.Here we go.......I hate Kathie Lee Gifford.Not HATE hate, but hate in the everyday sense of the word.I really can not stand her at all.Her personality is beyond annoying.She was a walking version of Twitter before it was even thought of.I don't care what Frank is doing, I could care less what Cody is doing and you wouldn't know she has another kid, since she never really says a peep about them, but she has a kid named Cassidy.I couldn't tell you if its a boy or a girl but either way I'm sure I could give two shits about what he/she is doing either.But she feels the need to tell everyone ALL about it.Shes a deplorable person in my opinion and her personality ...well it 'sucks'.I can't come up with a word to fit there so play Madlibs with me and add your own.Shes rude, has a HUGE ego and I cant stand her singing.I watch the Today show every morning and although I love Hoda Kotb I just cant bring myself to watch their segment.Kathie Lee is beyond rude to her and I have no idea what Hoda has done in a past life to deserve it, but shes stuck with her it seems.She is so condescending it's ridiculous.And all she does is talk over people, I guess she thinks what she has to say is more important than what anyone else has to say.I have alot of time on my hands so I wrote to the Today show and told them this.Apparently they don't think they need to listen to me (gasp!) because Kathie Lee is still there.( I wasn't going to admit that I wrote the Today show but WTH) Annnnnnyway... I hate her voice, the way she walks, how she moves her head, the way she talks down to people and how she makes jokes she thinks are 'edgy'.I don't know why she bothers me so much but she does.You think this is some mental illness I have manifesting itself somehow?? It might be, I should probably delete all of this but since no one really reads this I feel safe getting it off my chest.

Watch out for her though.....I don't trust her.

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