Friday, February 18, 2011

'Harvesting' moon flow

I am finally getting to a question in my sea sponge review. What did I mean by harvesting my moon flow?
Let me begin by saying this might be a delicate topic and might bother the squeamish. I'm not sure because there isn't much that causes me to squeam :)
Ok on with the show...
Harvesting moon flow simply means collecting your moon flow ( menstruation ) to save and use. There are many uses that I have heard of and I'm sure many more that I have not yet learned. I have used my moon flow as ink in spells and I have added it to sick house plants, the results were amazing! I posted recently about Witch Bottles and I will be adding my moon flow to mine when I make one. To collect it I have used my sea sponges and now that I have a menstrual cup I have used that to harvest it as well, and with greater ease. I have mine stored in a glass jar with a bit of rubbing alcohol added to it to help preserve it. I keep mine...( might want to stop here if you are one of the squeamish).... in the refrigerator. It is hidden in the very back of one of the crisper drawers that I have saved for myself and all of my 'special' items, like herbs and roots. Nothing in there is used in family cooking. There is nothing in there that anyone in my family ( but me ) would want, so its safe. The jar is sealed tightly and inside a sealed plastic bag ( yuck plastic, ok that makes me squeam a bit). I don't worry about it tainting my food or contaminating anything with it. I don't view my moon flow as dirty. So I am quite comfortable having it in my fridge along with the food we eat. I look at moon flow and a woman's moon time as a very powerful thing. I embrace mine as much as I can, sometimes it's hard to be upbeat at that time of the month but I try.I see a woman's cycle to be just like the wheel of the year. So it has a large spiritual significance to me.
If anyone else has used their moon flow in their magick please share. I would love to hear about it.


Faerie Sage said...

Thanks so much for the comment on my blog :) I would not worry too much about your bedroom, simply do what you can! I will be putting up more info so stay tuned and you will see more little things that can be done :)

Hyla said...

i think i could have easily saved 3 gallons by now since ive been on mine since the day b4 christmas. it does gross me out, ive had so many problems and its painful

Crazy Squirrel Lady said...

Hyla whats the DR say about it and what are they going to do? Email me and let me know whats going on k?