Saturday, October 1, 2011

"Harvesting" my moon flow.

Hello again blogger peoples! I have been on a long hiatus and will probably get back in the swing of things now. I have just O.K.'d a few comment and there were a few that asked what I meant when I posted that I harvest my 'moon flow' ( menstrual flow ). I spoke of it in my sea sponge review. Now let me say this might all be TMI and if your really not interested then please just read something else I have posted. You have been warned, don't say I didn't give you a heads up :)
Ok here we go.....
I harvest my moon flow ( menstrual flow ). Which means I save my moon flow ( not every month but I do when I feel the when I begin my flow on the full or new moon ). I save it in a jar with a touch of rubbing alcohol added to help preserve it and I store it in a cool dark place. I have used it for many things and it stores well. I add it to water which I feed to my plants when they are sick ( google this, the results are amazing!) , I use it as a ink when I write out certain spells, I use it in some spells where I think I need a little oomph and/or when I want myself more integrated into a spell. I know of some magick that uses 'love juice' and this is along those lines. For me my moon flow is nothing to be ashamed of and I see it just like the wheel of the year ( The circle of life, death and rebirth and all that witchy jazz ;) lol ). I am very spiritually connected to my time of the month. Maybe its the Native American part of myself that has caused me to embrace it like I do. I know there are also many other cultures through out time that have revered women during their moon time. A little research will surprise you...I could go on and on about it here but I wont bore you.
So that's it. Thats the easiest way I could put it.I have no problem answering any questions if anyone has them. Ask away...and hopefully I won't take so long answering them (blush) lol


Anonymous said...

I regret that I did not do this when I had the chance to. I now do not have one to collect. I am interested in the spells and magic that involve things like this, though.

Crazy Squirrel Lady said...

Hey there LJ!! The closest reading material that I have seen on anything remotely close were books on 'sex magic'. For me they are much different, but I have read of people who put their 'essence' into spell work and such. Has anyone else heard of using moon flow? I can't be the only one who uses it...right? :\ lol

Anonymous said...
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